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KOKi Platform

Welcome to a whole new world of artisan homecooks, traditional food vendors and street hawkers!

KOKi is a funky social marketplace app for all those who love to cook and eat, with integrated delivery provided by our eco friendly fleet KOKO.

Discover and enjoy all kinds of KOKiMADE culinary treats delivered to you at a push of a button!

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Koki Planets

Discover the koki star inside of you!

Our koki stars come from all walks of life- students, housewives, professional chefs and many more!
They are all united by one common denominator- the passion to cook at home!
Start selling your culinary creations and building a reputation for your cooking skills and creativity!


Our koki limas are traditional family operated food vendors (warungs ,wartegs) as well as street hawkers and even food trucks.
As one of our koki limas, you too can now start building an image and reputation for yourself and your culinary offerings!
Let KOKi app take your food business to new heights!

Join our Eco Friendly Courier Team

Our kokos are our zero emission food delivery couriers. Our delivery fleet consists of koko kakis (walkers) and koko spedas (bicyclers)
We will provide millions of middle to low income people that do not have access to motorbikes with the opportunity to make an extra income.
As one of our kokos, you will be contributing to our social impact of going GREEN with KOKi!


KOKi*MADE- Made with by your KOKis!

Experience a whole new way of eating fresh and healthy meals by ordering directly from talented kokis in your area!

KOKi*MADE -restaurant level sophistication at a lower price for all you real foodies out there!

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The best rated/recommended koki stars & their signature dishes

Not sure what to order? Discover a whole new world of signature dishes, our koki stars flagship meals! Some truly unique home cooked creations for all you real foodies out there!

Top Koki


The best rated/recommended street food and warungs/wartegs

Discover the best street food and the best warungs in your area !



Special food delivery bags for your KOKi*MADE orders

All KOKi*MADE creations are securely placed by our koki stars into our tamper evident food bags before being handed over to our fleet of couriers.

That’s right, nobody can touch your food!



Peter Mihaljcic

(Founder & CEO)

Appetit Bali (app) Founder

First marketplace app for homemade food in Indonesia over social dining (2015)
-Intrepid citizen of the world living in Indonesia ; hyperpolyglot and social beast!

Passionate koki homecook!

Jimmy Saputra

(Co-founder & CCO)

Mapixs (social network) Founder

A ‘caring’ social network for Indonesia (2007).
-85,000 members.

-Musician, inventor and philantropist !

Artistic soul!

Rizal Saputra



Ojek Argo (app) Founder

A GOJEK style app!
-10,000 drivers with zero marketing budget!
Pioneered new biz model and social experience for a ride sharing app

IT guru!

Laksmi Perwantie



Former Operations Manager @GOJEK

Indonesia’s leading ride sharing & lifestyle appBuilt and managed System for recruiting 1,000+gojek drivers/day

Making it Flow!

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